The Right Gourmet Cookies for Your Film Shoot

Gourmet Cookies in AtlantaBeing on the set is a full-time commitment. People with different skills and talents come together to create movie magic that will inspire awe and wonder. Creative work is hunger-inducing work. That’s why the craft services table has become a fixture on sound stages and studios.

Gourmet cookies in Atlanta provide the pick-me-up that the film crew needs to keep going. Bakers and caterers prepare food, drinks, and snacks. Without a “crafty table,” it is very likely that your production teams won’t be having a smooth time with their work. That’s a universal truth: everyone runs on their stomachs. If people aren’t fed, they won’t want to work.

Cookies are a great addition to your craft services table, thanks to their portability, flavor, and variety. Hiring a gourmet cookie baker expands your options. You can customize your spread to feature baked goods with chocolate chips, sprinkles, and other popular toppings.

Break time near the crafty table is one of the perks of the filmmaking industry. It’s an activity that boosts crew morale and allows them to unwind between shoots. Cookies are snacks that match well with coffee and can be eaten at virtually any time. Your workers will appreciate the energy boost.

If you’re organizing your craft services, you can’t go wrong with gourmet cookies. Many bakeries create batches for the filmmaking industry, so don’t hesitate to place an order.

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