Corporate Cookies in Atlanta are a Sweet Way to Make Your Mark

Logos are made to be remembered, not devoured. However, think of the lasting impact your corporate insignia will have, even after it’s gone if you present it in the form of a tasty treat.

Everyone loves cookies. Even those people who are on a diet or say they don’t have a sweet tooth will be impressed by an artfully crafted and colorful representation of your logo represented in frosting, sprinkles, or chocolate chips on a delicious fresh-made cookie. At Cookie Galleria, we are the source for corporate cookies in Atlanta.

We called ourselves a ‘galleria’ for good reason, our cookies, and other baked goods are works of art that are just as good to look at as they are to eat. When you choose us to supply your corporate cookies in Atlanta for your event or as promotional products, we will harness our artistic and culinary talents for your project.

It seems that most companies use the same types of promotional materials. Think of the mugs and water bottles you likely have crowding your cupboards at home and your office desk. It works in getting your name and logo out there, but it doesn’t make a unique impression like the one your clients will have when they’re munching on one of the sweet treats we’ve provided for you.

You can build your brand in a memorable way by distributing our corporate cookies in Atlanta that feature your company logo prominently, or you can add flair to a company meeting by offering participants cookies from our gourmet line.

Working with You

Cookie Galleria is not a catering company, but you can rely upon us to provide the tasty and most eye-catching treats for your meeting or company event. We’ll work with your corporate concierge, administrative assistant, or event planner to accomplish this task. If you need delivery, we work with a third-party delivery service to get the goods to you.

Our range of delightful and delectable products are sure to please everyone. We have cookies and cakes, and tarts, and plenty of other mouth-watering goodies. You will love working with us, and your taste buds will too.

Place an order today for delicious cookies and baked goods. We are proud to serve customers in Atlanta and the surrounding area.