Planning a Corporate Event with Cookies

Corporate Cookies in AtlantaLittle details make a big difference when it comes to dealing with clients. One way to show that you go the extra mile is with custom-branded corporate cookies in Atlanta. These sweet treats build brand presence and add a little something extra to any interaction. Perfect for ongoing meetings and sharing post-transaction appreciation, they are an excellent resource for any corporate concierge, administrative assistant, or event planner.

If you want the best cookies for your situation, look for a company that offers all of the following:

  • Personalized Branding — First and foremost, you will want to make sure that your company takes custom orders, as well as see examples of past work. After all, it’s your brand, and you want it displayed in crisp, appealing detail.
  • Quality Ingredients — It’s not enough for the cookie to look good. The last thing you want is to sour your event or meeting with a subpar offering. Choose a company that prides itself on quality flavor, not just visual appeal.
  • Large Batch Orders — Nobody wants to run out of cookies and look underprepared at a corporate event. You’ll need a provider who can provide plenty of tasty treats for everyone involved, from private meetings to company-wide celebrations.

Large-Batch Cookie Delivery in Atlanta

Cookie Delivery in AtlantaWhen you need to bring the best cookies to your event, but also have many people to feed, it can be hard to balance quantity and quality. Cookie Galleria set out to solve that problem with a model that works for orders of any size. Our approach to cookie delivery in Atlanta was designed to answer the three questions every customer faces when dealing with more significant treat needs:

How Can I Please Everyone?

The perennial question of how you cater to groups of any size and still provide a quality product is one of the most important for organizers at any scale. Our answer is simple: find a facility that can bake in large batches while still using the best ingredients in the business.

How Do I Get Cookies to the Venue?

We want our model to be easy on our customers. Because we can meet the needs of larger orders, we also developed a delivery system that takes the stress out of transport. Our experienced team makes sure that your order arrives on-time and in crowd-pleasing condition.

What if I Need More Cookies Later?

Large single batches aren’t our only specialty. Our efficient production and commitment to hard work also let us take on recurring purchases for multiple events.

Building Your Brand with Corporate Cookies in Atlanta

Corporate Cookies in AtlantaCookies might not be part of your business plan, but they can make a real difference when building important relationships that are vital to your company’s success. A few delicious treats go a long way with the right touch, and specially-made corporate cookies in Atlanta from Cookie Galleria, let you keep your organization’s name at the forefront of any interaction – all without a massive amount of effort. Consider using these treats for occasions like:

  • Internal Events – Employees notice small details. Cookies designed with your logo let them know that you do, too. They also make events of any size special with a sweet bonus that can’t be found anywhere else.
  • Brand-Building Opportunities – From engagement meetings with prospective clients to community fairs, bringing branded baked goods to outreach events makes you look more professional for a minimal cost. Plus, advertising always works better when you offer more than a marketing pitch.
  • Follow-Up Chances – Good businesses show gratitude to valuable clients. After you close a deal or make another significant milestone, having custom cookies delivered to your client is a great way to go that extra step that sets you apart from the competition and keeps people coming back to you for future needs.

Your Source for Cheerleader Cookies in Atlanta

Cheerleader Cookies in AtlantaWhether it’s celebrating a win at the latest competition or hyping up before a big game, few things create the right mood for any situation like our cheerleader cookies in Atlanta. These unique creations deliver a satisfying flavor that’s perfect for building excitement and rewarding hard work from those who work miracles with team and crowd morale. From young children to career cheerleaders, your favorite cheerers deserve cookies made just for them, and these treats allow you to:

  • Celebrate Specifically – Everyone loves cookies, but it’s hard to find exactly the kind you want for every situation. With cheerleader-specific designs, you go the extra mile to tailor your treats to the people intended to receive them.
  • Complete Themed Parties – Aspiring and practicing cheerleaders alike might want a sporty party for birthdays and other occasions. Just like in a good team cheer, the little details make the overall feeling of these events all the better.
  • Create Inclusive Environments – With so many sports having their own custom cookie designs, it’s easy for cheerleaders to feel left out at school banquets and team gatherings. They’re as much a part of the team’s success as anyone, and adding a few simple cookies shows support for the effort they put into their performances.

The Cookie Choice for Your Corporate Events

Corporate Cookies in AtlantaAppetizers or some type of light snack is typically offered to the participants at many business meetings. For the most part, people don’t want to spend valuable meeting time eating an entire meal, and it’s certainly not a good idea to include any food that is messy or requires plates and silverware.

However, food is a sign of welcome, and it helps tide the members of the group over until their next meal. Instead of the usual stale doughnuts and bruised pieces of fruit, why not offer your group corporate cookies in Atlanta?

These gourmet cookies are neat and easy to eat and come in a variety of yummy flavors. Cookies are a sweet distraction from the seriousness of a corporate event. They serve to lighten the mood and promote welcome and receptivity. Consider an assorted platter of gourmet cookies as a quiet ambassador of good will, a sort of Switzerland of food. Cookies are something that everyone can appreciate.

Cookies are showing up everywhere – from weddings to parties and now corporate events. The old-time classic has become trendy in its gourmet incarnation with the chocolate chip, lemon zest, and peanut butter in high demand in social and business circles. After all, everyone loves cookies.

College Cookies for Everyone on Campus

College Cookie in AtlantaEven though your youngest is in college, he or she is not too grown up to appreciate a delicious gourmet cookie. Why not have a dozen delivered to his or her door? What better way to say, “I am proud of you” than with chocolate crinkles or almond teacakes? A college cookie in Atlanta is a great way to express love, gratitude, and accomplishment.

Not only do students love cookies, but everyone else on campus does, too, from the board of trustees to the world studies professor to the dean of admissions. Cookies make great gifts, but they’re also an excellent sign of welcome at campus functions from ice-breakers to meet-and-greets to departmental meetings. As a matter of fact, a cookie is an effective way to gain admission to almost any event.

Cookies are eminently portable. You don’t need a plate or cutlery to enjoy this sweet treat. Just pick one up and munch away. They’re the perfect size for a snack, and they provide a little bit of sustenance and sweetness that tide you over until the next meal. When you choose cookies from Cookie Galleria, you can rest assured everyone will be happy. Cookies and college students just go together.

Purchasing Cookies for Your Party

Cookie Delivery in AtlantaNothing brings friends and family closer than a party. With the right location, entertainment, and food, you have set the foundation for an enjoyable and memorable time. Of course, there’s always that little extra something that can turn a good moment into a great one: fresh-baked cookies!

Cookies remain a popular party snack for any occasion. With cookie delivery, you can save your time and energy for the festivities. Many bakers throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area offer delivery services to their customers.

If you want to brighten up your party with gourmet cookies, it helps to be familiar with your desired bakery’s policies. Some bakers only ship orders on certain days of the week to ensure their products are fresh. Ask the baker what their delivery schedule is so you may plan accordingly.

Many bakeries can fill bulk orders. For example, bakers that frequently deliver to other businesses may offer special, per-unit pricing on batch orders that number in the hundreds or thousands. Shop around to find the best price.

The Cookie Galleria loves to bake for businesses and big gatherings. Whether you are placing an order for a special event or just want to bring something special into the office, we are the company to contact when you need a cookie delivery in Atlanta.

The Benefits of Ordering Bulk Cookies for Your Film Set

Gourmet Cookies in AtlantaThe entertainment business is heavy work: dozens of professionals from various disciplines and industries work together to realize a creative vision. With so many people pouring all of their time and energy into art, it goes without saying that showbiz is also hungry work. Reward everyone’s efforts with gourmet cookies!

Cookies are a portable, anytime kind of treat. They give people the little, sugary boost they need to keep creating movie magic. Our bakers in Atlanta specialize in fulfilling bulk orders that can number in the thousands per batch. This amount is more than enough to feed every member on the film set.

At the Cookie Galleria, we offer special pricing to clients that order in bulk. For example, customers who order 1,000 cookies per month will receive different pricing than a business that orders only 50 per month. You can customize your cookies. Upon request, our team can draw your company’s logo or a specialty image on each cookie.

Call our bakery to place an order for gourmet cookies in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Cookie Galleria makes deliveries throughout the city, making sure that individuals, businesses, and others have access to delicious treats that they will not find from other bakeries.

Cookie Origins – The Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cookie Delivery in AtlantaWhen you think of cookies, there is one that stands out above all others – the chocolate chip cookie. This delicious treat has been one of the top-tier cookies for many ages. Do you know the history of this wonderful baked good?

It is said that the first chocolate chip cookie was baked in 1937 by Ruth Graves Wakefield, the owner of the Toll House Restaurant. She had a piece of semi-sweet chocolate on hand and decided to add it to one of her personal favorite butter cookie recipes. Ruth had initially thought that the chocolate would melt into the cookie but soon discovered that the bits held their shape. Everyone loved the cookies, and it became a sensation in the New England area.

Betty Crocker eventually presented the cookie in 1939 on her radio show. Ruth sold the idea to the Nestle Company, including the Toll House brand, and the cookie took off from there. Since then, it has been a go-to cookie for anyone looking for a simple sweet treat.

Count on the team at the Cookie Galleria when you need a cookie delivery in Atlanta. Whether you want to order a few dozen chocolate chip cookies to your office or are looking for a special treat for the craft services table at your next production, you can rest assured that we will be able to help you.

Have a Cookie Party

Gourmet Cookies in AtlantaBreak out the cookies for your next event and make things special. Here are a few ways you can shake things up at your next corporate birthday or any other unique happening:

  • Replace the Cake – Let’s face it – cakes at a party are a bit predictable and boring. If you or the guest of honor prefers cookies to cake, you can replace the cake with one of our great selections. Our business is proud to feature a vast array of cookie selections, including cookie cakes.
  • Decoration Party – Are you looking for a fun activity for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day? You can grab one of our decorating kits and have the kids put together cookies for dessert. The youngsters will have a lot of fun, and it will give them something different to do that they will talk about for the rest of the day.
  • Plan a Surprise Event – Putting together a surprise event for employees can be hard. You can have our cookies delivered directly to your location to ensure that everyone is truly surprised.

Whenever you need gourmet cookies in Atlanta, you can rest assured that the team at Cookie Galleria will provide you with exceptional selections. We offer delivery services, making sure that businesses and movie production sets are stocked with delicious treats.