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Purchasing Cookies for Your Party

Cookie Delivery in AtlantaNothing brings friends and family closer than a party. With the right location, entertainment, and food, you have set the foundation for an enjoyable and memorable time. Of course, there’s always that little extra something that can turn a good moment into a great one: fresh-baked cookies!

Cookies remain a popular party snack for any occasion. With cookie delivery, you can save your time and energy for the festivities. Many bakers throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area offer delivery services to their customers.

If you want to brighten up your party with gourmet cookies, it helps to be familiar with your desired bakery’s policies. Some bakers only ship orders on certain days of the week to ensure their products are fresh. Ask the baker what their delivery schedule is so you may plan accordingly.

Many bakeries can fill bulk orders. For example, bakers that frequently deliver to other businesses may offer special, per-unit pricing on batch orders that number in the hundreds or thousands. Shop around to find the best price.

The Cookie Galleria loves to bake for businesses and big gatherings. Whether you are placing an order for a special event or just want to bring something special into the office, we are the company to contact when you need a cookie delivery in Atlanta.

The Benefits of Ordering Bulk Cookies for Your Film Set

Gourmet Cookies in AtlantaThe entertainment business is heavy work: dozens of professionals from various disciplines and industries work together to realize a creative vision. With so many people pouring all of their time and energy into art, it goes without saying that showbiz is also hungry work. Reward everyone’s efforts with gourmet cookies!

Cookies are a portable, anytime kind of treat. They give people the little, sugary boost they need to keep creating movie magic. Our bakers in Atlanta specialize in fulfilling bulk orders that can number in the thousands per batch. This amount is more than enough to feed every member on the film set.

At the Cookie Galleria, we offer special pricing to clients that order in bulk. For example, customers who order 1,000 cookies per month will receive different pricing than a business that orders only 50 per month. You can customize your cookies. Upon request, our team can draw your company’s logo or a specialty image on each cookie.

Call our bakery to place an order for gourmet cookies in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Cookie Galleria makes deliveries throughout the city, making sure that individuals, businesses, and others have access to delicious treats that they will not find from other bakeries.