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Simple Rules for Giving Corporate Gifts

Cookie Delivery in AtlantaAre you looking for the right business gift? Our team would like to help you. We have put together a short list of simple rules when searching for a corporate gift:

  • Follow Your Company’s Guidelines – Before you send any gift within your company, it is vital that you check with your HR department to ensure that you are allowed to give specific gifts. If everything is okay, then move ahead with giving said gift.
  • Find the Right Gift – Another thing you need to keep in mind is making sure the gift is appropriate. Naturally, you would want to avoid giving anything that seems too intimate. Instead, think of a general gift that nearly anyone could enjoy.
  • Be Generous – If you are sending a gift to multiple employees in one of your departments, you should make sure that there is plenty to go around. Instead of counting the heads, assume there will need to be extra items and go from there.

Give the gift of cookies from Cookie Galleria when you are searching for your next business gift. Our business is proud to offer cookie delivery in Atlanta, including online ordering options. Check out the many selections we have available and order today!

Enjoy Our Cookies at Any Location

Are you a big fan of our cookies, but unsure of which selections you want to order? Whenever you place an order, are you disappointed that you didn’t order another type of cookie? These days are over! The team at Cookie Galleria knows that you love our gourmet cookies in Atlanta, so we have been hard at work building a food truck offering our great treats!

Whether you are looking to bring in something sweet for the employees at your business or are interested in having a unique food experience at your film set, you can rest assured that our new food truck will be perfect for your needs. We are in the process of building a smaller truck, which means we can easily pull into any parking lot or film set. Once we arrive, your staff will be able to get our delicious cookies, as well as pastries and drinks directly from our truck. All you have to do is let us know when you need us, and we will arrive at your location in a timely manner.

Contact the team at Cookie Galleria to learn more about our quality products and services. For your convenience, our business caters to large corporations and film sets, providing great selections that are ideal for special events. Furthermore, our cookies make amazing business gifts for your team members. Place an order online and see why so many people love our cookies!