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Three Great Cookie Options for You

Gourmet Cookies in AtlantaHave amazing gourmet cookies delivered directly to your business, home, or any other location when you come to Cookie Galleria. Our bakery is proud to feature a vast array of amazing cookies, including the following selections:

Almond Tea Cakes – When you are seeking a buttery cookie that features a rich almond flavor, this is the cookie for you. It’s great for holiday parties, as well as for anyone who is interested in classic flavors.

Chocolate Crinkles – Are you searching for something special to give to the chocolate lover in your life? Our chocolate crinkles are perfect! These are moist, brownie-like cookies that are baked in powdered sugar.

Sprinkle Explosion – It does not matter if you are 6 or 60, it is hard to resist a cookie with sprinkles. These selections are our version of an old-fashioned sugar cookie with a burst of sprinkles. We always have trouble keeping these delicious cookies in stock.

This is only a small sample of the many great gourmet cookies in Atlanta we have to offer. In fact, our business has more than 80 great cookie varieties that we offer throughout the year. Check out our selection online and place an order with our bakery today.

Give the Gift of Cookies at Your Corporate Event

Cookie Delivery in AtlantaMake everyone at your place of business happy when you have cookies from Cookie Galleria delivered. Here are some great reasons to have cookies sent to your business:

  • A Great Snack for Mid-Morning Meetings – Are you meeting with your team to discuss the year, plan a holiday party, or hand out Christmas bonuses? Take this meeting to the next level with a selection of cookies. You can place them out on the table and let everyone enjoy.
  • Ideal for Your Next Potluck – If you are the type of person who loves to participate in potlucks but can’t get your stuff together to cook something special, you can purchase our cookies. No one can resist a delicious cookie at the end of a potluck meal!
  • Celebrate Birthdays with Cookies – Getting a cake for everyone to enjoy can be a bit expensive. Instead of paying for multiple sheet cakes from Publix or Kroger, you can purchase a few different cookie selections from us. Save them for the afternoon, when people are starting to fade.

It does not matter if you work in a small shop or at a large corporate office, you can trust the team at Cookie Galleria when you are in need of a cookie delivery in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.